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Astrology Candles


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Ruling planets


These pillar candles are 6 and 1/4inches in height and contain about 16 ounces of palm wax.

Everything about the candle is based on its astrological theme.

The area in black has silver stars arranged in the constellation for that sign. There is also an image of the ruling planet. At the bottom of the candle under the constellation is the glyph symbol.

All candles contain 100% essential oils.

The following is a list of signs with color and scent:

Aries – Red, Peppermint

Taurus – Teal green, Geranium & Palmarosa

Gemini – Yellow, Lemongrass

Cancer – Light green, Eucalyptus

Leo – Orange – Rosemary

Virgo – Navy blue, Lemongrass & Marjoram

Libra -Lavender – Lavender & Rose

Scropio – Deep red, Geranium

Sagittarius – Purple – Lime

Capricorn – Dark green, Cypress

Aquarius – Blue & Green, Sage

Pisces – Sea green, Lemon


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