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Lizzie Album Cover
Upcoming Album Release

Bennett + KC are close to releasing their new album titled, "Lizzie". This is an album of music dedicated to KC's daughter, Elizabeth, who passed into the next world in January of 2004. We are also introducing our new video for, "Lizzie (Take you with me)", one of the songs from the album. Lizzie loved animals, as did KC's mom, dad, and brother, Jimmy; the three of whom went to that next world within a year of each other, with the father being the first of the three back in 2015, followed by KC's mom and then brother just last year. Lizzie was always bringing home stray animals. She felt very strongly about protecting them, so, I know she would be very happy and totally with the idea of donating money to animal charities in her name. The animal charities we are donating half the proceeds to, from any album sales, are listed below: Humane Society Animal Welfare Institute PETA For more information about Lizzie please check out the Lizzie CD page. Follow us on Facebook for Release date of Lizzie video and album release.  ...