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Bennett & KC Chesne

Been playing guitar since 7 years old. A long time ago. Should be pretty good, right? Well, some things I’ve gotten really good at and some not.

The Beatles, and basically ‘60’s music, innovation and idealism, are probably the biggest influences on me musically and socially. Psychedelia and evolving tastes in rap, world beat, and folk music of all cultures are just so full of brilliance and stem from that time period…which stems from the time period before that …which stems from the time period before that, etc.

When I started playing at 7 years old in 1965-66 (you can do the math), I did it because another classmate of mine played for the class and got a lot of attention.

Since then, the deeply wonderful and perspective-expanding experience of listening to other phenomenal musicians, both famous and underground, showed me that what I wanted most from music was pleasure, depth, and wisdom. Escape from, and immersion in, the present moment.

For my taste, there is great music and bad music in every style and culture of music I’ve ever encountered. Great classical, rock, reggae, rap, world-beat, ambient, folk (of all cultures), old and new. There is also, to my perspective, not good in all these categories.

All, the good and the bad, influence me in different ways.

Brian Eno’s ambient music became a huge influencer, as well. The effort for music or sound to convey the one big moment in time that encapsulates all the others.

A futile endeavor that I have dedicated my life to in song, sound, and word.



The ethereal woman by Bennett’s side, his wife since 2000, KC Chesne’s connection to music and love of sound has brought her to understanding a new way to connect with the soul through musical healing. Studied under Julie Anne Cohn to become a Reiki master, as well as learning from the best in vocal heal, Wayne Perry and Silvia Nakkach as a part of the Vox Mundi project. She has now created her combination of Reiki and vocal healing and using it to not only help those around her heal their lives but applies it to her own as well.

Adi Cohen
Adi Cohen is a talented percussion player that brings a sensitive yet powerful addition to this music. He was born and raised in Israel and came to California when he was 30. He and Bennett started playing music together in 1995.
Mark Sparling

Mark Sparling is the drummer for Hunters & Gatherers. He began music studies at age 6 with piano and guitar lessons but found a love for drumming at age 8. He started private lessons at that time and continued through to High School Jazz and Concert Band. He followed his passion for drumming – studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

There he discovered a love for composition as well and graduated Berklee with Honors from their Film Scoring program.

He has scored many short films and a TV pilot since moving to Los Angeles. His drumming style emphasizes a melodic sensibility seeking to add color to music in addition to rhythm.

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