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This is a collection of some great songs that hold together as a group, sort of revolving around the Anastasia theme. Also, strangely, there is an amazing coincidence with the song, Anastasia.


First, over twenty years ago (1993), the fantastic song, Anastasia, was written and recorded by Bennett Chesne.


Then, a few years back (2011) a popular book series came out that basically tells the same story as Bennett Chesne’s song, “Anastasia”, with the main love interest and focus of the book also being named, Anastasia.


The lyrics tell a story about a very sexually-obsessive, amorous-focused man with an almost angelic vision of a woman who stands out way beyond all the others. And so does the book series. Her name is Anastasia.


So, we decided to do a music video for the story of this song, which is phenomenally similar to this popular book series. The name of the video is “The Original Anastasia” (An Amazing Fifty Shades of Grey Coincidence). Watch it here.


Anyway, this entire album is simply an amazing listen. Totally original. Something to savor.



The physical CD comes with an 8-page-booket.
Lyrics are included.
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