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Sunrise Qi Balance

Sunrise Qi Balance combines a Reiki grounding and centering meditation with qigong that includes a light cardio workout along with original music that was written especially for this project. The CDC recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity weekly. Doing this exercise routine twice a day for only four days a week gives you over the 150 minutes mentioned above (Prevention, 2022). This was my primary source of exercise during the pandemic. I believe that this exercise routine along with a balanced diet not only helped me to feel energized and maintain a healthy weight, it also brought me peace of mind as well.


In 2010, “A Comprehensive Review of Health Benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi” was published in the American Journal of Health Promotion. Results in studies from random control trials research has shown consistent, substantial outcomes for a variety of health advantages (Jahnke, 2010).


Reiki is an energy healing technique in which the practitioner channels energy through touch or distance healing to trigger the participant's body's innate healing pathways and restore physical and emotional health.


This project was created by KC and Bennett Chesne. KC combined her Reiki grounding and centering meditation with a qigong workout. Bennett wrote the music for this project.

KC is a Reiki Master, certified qigong instructor with a bachelor’s degree in nutritional science. Bennett has been playing and writing music since he was 8 years old. There is a synergy between the creative and healing energies of Bennett’s music and KC’s Reiki and qigong. The Reiki, qigong, and the music work perfectly together.


Total Running Time: 22 minutes 38 seconds;

including a Reiki grounding and centering meditation,

warm-up, and a cool down.


Some exercises may not be appropriate for everyone.

Consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program

to reduce the risk of injury. The instruction presented here is in

no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling.


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Sunrise Qi Balance

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